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Kentucky stopped reporting cumulative facility-level data from 2020 in their data for 2021. To calculate true cumulative totals, you need to add the last total provided in 2020 with the totals provided for 2021.



Facility typeResident casesResident deathsStaff casesStaff deathsStaff & Resident casesStaff & Resident deathsFacilities impacted
Lumped or other facilities‘Lumped or other facilities’ shows data from states that have not broken down their data by facility type, so it might include data from nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. It also includes some congregate living facilities for older adults that are neither nursing homes nor assisted-living facilities. For each state’s lumped/other definition, please see the state’s specific notes.16,9062,22212,5441329,4502,235408
Totals history16,9062,22212,5441329,4502,235408

State notes

Kentucky reports long-term care COVID-19 data for Long-Term-Care facilities which includes Nursing Home Facilities, Assisted Living and Personal Care Homes. COVID Tracking Project puts Long-Term Care facility data in the Lumped or Other category in our dataset. Kentucky reports cumulative and outbreak data. Kentucky does provide facility-level data. Kentucky reports resident and staff cases and deaths separately. Data is cumulative since March 7, 2020. 

Kentucky provides cumulative totals for resident and staff cases and resident and staff deaths and number of facilities that reported a case. 

Kentucky provides outbreak data for resident and staff cases. Kentucky reports the “number of new cases” for residents and staff. COVID Tracking Project uses this metric for Kentucky’s outbreak data.

Kentucky reports facility-level data. 

On January 7, 2021, Kentucky stopped reporting cumulative facility-level data. The information was replaced with data that is cumulative since December 31, 2020, and does not include data from 2020.  

  • July 2, 2020: Kentucky reconciled cases and deaths, resulting in a large increase in reported data.
  • August 3, 2020: Kentucky started providing data by Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and Personal Care Homes. Personal Care Homes is categorized as Other in the dataset. Prior to this day, CTP did not categorize by facility type as this data wasn’t available.
  • January 7, 2021: Kentucky stopped reporting cumulative facility-level data. According to KY's long-term care page, "Today’s data only contains cases that are current in 2021. It includes all new cases since 12-31-2020. Facilities without current cases have been removed."

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Facility notes

The state provides facility-level cumulative data. The state provides facility-level outbreak data. Cumulative facility-level data was first reported by the state on 2020-05-15. Outbreak facility-level data was first reported by the state on 2020-06-04.

Because each state reports facility-level data differently, CTP has produced a number of scripts to make the dataset as standardized and comprehensive as possible. This state uses the following scripts: special KY scripts, post_processing, standardize_data. More information on each of these scripts can be found in our Airtable Facility Script Annotations. (