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Some issues exist with this state's data

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Facility typeResident casesResident deathsStaff casesStaff deathsStaff & Resident casesStaff & Resident deathsFacilities impacted
Lumped or other facilities‘Lumped or other facilities’ shows data from states that have not broken down their data by facility type, so it might include data from nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. It also includes some congregate living facilities for older adults that are neither nursing homes nor assisted-living facilities. For each state’s lumped/other definition, please see the state’s specific notes.N/A1,209N/A113,3621,210603
Totals historyN/A1,209N/A113,3621,210603

State notes

Oregon reports long-term care COVID-19 data for Care Facilities, Senior Living Communities and Congregate Living Settings. Covid Tracking Project puts all Long-Term Care data in the Lumped or Other category. Oregon reports cumulative and outbreak data. Oregon provides facility-level data. Oregon reports cumulative resident and staff cases combined, and cumulative resident and staff deaths separately. Outbreak data reports resident and staff cases and deaths combined.   Oregon provides cumulative totals for resident and staff cases combined and resident and staff deaths separately and number of facilities with a case.    Oregon provides outbreak data for resident and staff cases combined and residents and staff deaths combined and number of facilities with a case. Oregon defines an outbreak as a facility with three or more confirmed COVID-19 cases or one or more deaths. An outbreak ends when 28 days have passed with no new confirmed cases.   Oregon reports facility-level data of facilities that have had three confirmed cases or one or more deaths. Facility-level data is used to gather cumulative and outbreak data. Cumulative data is collected by adding current outbreak totals with resolved outbreak totals. Total case counts provided by Oregon include all cases associated with the outbreak (e.g., staff, residents, close contacts).   The Oregon Health Authority provides the number of facilities, but does not name, with five or fewer beds that have “three or more confirmed COVID-19 cases or one or deaths.” We added 3 cases, 1 death and the number of facilities stated by Oregon to our dataset. This represents the minimum number of cases and deaths we can confirm to be true from the description provided by Oregon.  

  • June 17, 2020: Oregon started reporting resolved outbreaks
  • June 18, 2020: CTP started reporting cumulative totals for Oregon
  • September 9, 2020: Oregon changed its cumulative reporting to only include facilities within the last 56 days, noting: "Facilities will be removed from the closed outbreak list after 56 days."

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Facility notes

The state provides facility-level cumulative data. The state provides facility-level outbreak data. Cumulative facility-level data was first reported by the state on 2020-06-24. Outbreak facility-level data was first reported by the state on 2020-06-24.

Because each state reports facility-level data differently, CTP has produced a number of scripts to make the dataset as standardized and comprehensive as possible. This state uses the following scripts: standardize_data, collapse_outbreak_rows. More information on each of these scripts can be found in our Airtable Facility Script Annotations. (