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Below, we’re sharing a collection of long-term-care datasets available for download.

For each state’s data, it’s important to view raw numbers alongside notes about the state’s data definitions and reporting methods, which can be found on each state’s long-term-care page.

For national summary-level numbers, like cumulative counts and historical totals, we encourage anyone working with the data to remember that given the fractured and fragmented nature of each state’s individual data reporting system, our national numbers are almost certainly undercounts and should be interpreted with caution.

  • Cumulative dataset: Weekly cumulative case and death totals provided by states from May 28, 2020–March 4, 2021. Data is cumulative since the beginning of the pandemic unless otherwise noted, and broken out by facility type where possible. Some states only report outbreak data (current cases and deaths) and highest ever outbreak totals are used for those states.
  • Outbreak dataset: Weekly cases and deaths of facilities reporting an active outbreak, broken out by facility type where possible. Outbreaks vary in definition from state to state and represent current cases and deaths.
  • State notes: Notes about how each state reported long-term-care data, including logs of when reporting changes occurred.
  • View full spreadsheet: Spreadsheet of cumulative dataset, outbreak dataset, and state notes.
  • Facility-level data: Weekly long-term-care case and death data at the facility level. Individual state’s facility-level data is available on their state page. Reference database of facility names, addresses and assigned IDs.