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What We’re Made Of

We would like to thank the following companies for donating their services to our project:

The COVID Tracking Project is a group effort, with code hosted on GitHub including but not limited to these repositories:

  • COVID Tracking

    • Developed by Zach Lipton, Josh Ellington, and Ken Riley.
    • Detects changes to health department pages using (our fork of) URL Watch and reports them to a Slack channel to notify us for further analysis.
  • URL Watch

    • Developed by Zach Lipton and Josh Ellington.
    • Fork of original urlwatch repo, which includes headless browser mode and custom reporting functions specific to our project.
  • COVID Tracking API

    • Developed by Kai Curry.
    • Cloudflare Worker that exposes our data as JSON or CSV over HTTP.
  • The COVID Tracking Project website

    • Developed by Mat Marquis, Lucas Gonze, and Ethan Marcotte with boosts from Kai Curry.
    • Our public website,
  • COVID Tracking data pipeline

    • Developed by Joshua Ellinger and in small part by Julia Kodysh.
    • HTML scanner/extraction pipeline that processes state data sites and saves the data to the repo. Additionally, backs up screenshot images of state data sites to Amazon S3 for later reference.
  • URLWatch proxies

    • Developed by Joshua Ellinger.
    • A flask website that provides several services in support of the HTML scanner/extraction pipeline for state data: caching, another view on parts of the public Google spreadsheet, ability to view historical HTML data.
  • COVID Tracking data

    • Developed by Julia Kodysh.
    • GitHub backup for versioning the contents of our public Google spreadsheet data in CSV format.
  • COVID 19 crawler

    • Developed by Danny Yang.
    • Uses Ruby to crawl state websites and publish data to
  • COVID Tracking dash app

    • Owner: Eric Czech.

Satellite Projects