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Want to volunteer? We’d love to have you! Please read on to learn more about what would help us most.

We need volunteers with ongoing time in their schedules to support efforts in several areas:

  • Capturing COVID-19 data manually by visiting state and territory public health websites and entering data points in spreadsheets
  • Ensuring the quality of datasets by investigating and resolving issues
  • Developing custom data harvesting and quality assurance tools
  • Creating data visualizations, charts, and illustrations
  • Maintaining, designing, and improving our website
  • Copyediting and contributing to written content on our blog and website
  • Doing outreach to and reporting on states and territories (journalism experience preferred)
  • Vetting data and written content to make sure it meets public health and epidemiologcal standards (scientific communication experience preferred)

We prefer applicants who can volunteer for at least 10 hours per week, who are available weekdays during the day, and who are currently located in the United States, although we will also consider other applicants. All volunteering is done remotely.

We welcome high school and college students as volunteers, but we interview all volunteer applicants who are under 18 years old before we admit them.

If you have a particular interest in one of our three main data projects — core testing and outcomes data, race data, and long-term care facility data — please say so in the text of your application. However, all applicants to data entry will be considered for all three data projects.

If you are a developer who is interested in building data tools for us, we ask that you first learn how we capture data manually as a form of “dogfooding”: please read this FAQ.

Finally, note that we do not do contact tracing: we collect all data by visiting state and territory websites.

Tell us more about yourself below.

If possible, this should be a Gmail or Google-linked address, since we rely heavily on Google Docs and Sheets. We will show your email internally to other volunteers but will not share it elsewhere.
Personal website, LinkedIn, or other website that will tell us about you. If you are a journalist or science writer, please link to a writing sample here or in the final question.
Examples: Python, React, Gatsby, Tableau, data visualization, editing, social media, public health, research, journalism, science writing, etc.
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