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State overview

Total cases
Total deaths
Facilities affected

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Facility typeResident casesResident deathsStaff casesStaff deaths
Assisted-living facility Cumulative196222340
Assisted-living facility Outbreak70N/A48N/A
Nursing home Cumulative8,0581,0695,7015
Nursing home Outbreak1,546N/A987N/A
Other facility Cumulative322282391
Other facility Outbreak40N/A42N/A

State notes

Kentucky reports long-term care data for Family Care Homes, Personal Care Homes, Intermediate Care facilities, Nursing Facilities, Nursing Homes, and Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities.

Kentucky reports cumulative data since March 7, 2020. They report outbreak data since June 4, 2020. Data on residents and staff are reported separately. Only confirmed cases are reported, and confirmed and probable deaths are reported separately. A probable death is defined as when "results meet clinical criteria AND epidemiologic evidence with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19 OR meets presumptive laboratory evidence AND either clinical criteria or epidemiologic evidence, OR meets vital records criteria with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19."

July 2, 2020: Kentucky reconciled cases and deaths, resulting in a large increase in reported data. August 3, 2020: Kentucky started providing data by Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and Personal Care Homes. Personal Care Homes is categorized as Other in the dataset. Prior to this day, CTP did not categorize by facility type as this data wasn’t available.


GreenupNursing Home200170
BoydNursing Home3101
KentonNursing Home77141514
WolfeNursing Home352162
ScottAssisted Living Facility 42
NelsonAssisted Living Facility 10
MontgomeryNursing Home465
HardinAssisted Living Facility 2010
WhitleyNursing Home6411211
JeffersonNursing Home20373
JeffersonNursing Home73626
ChristianNursing Home4000
MorganNursing Home00
JeffersonNursing Home2000
DaviessNursing Home4000
KentonNursing Home453103
MarionNursing Home2010
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 0000
KentonNursing Home270140
LewisNursing Home8310010
JeffersonNursing Home61474
GreenupAssisted Living Facility 6000
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 00
DaviessNursing Home2010
HenryAssisted Living Facility 00
GreenupAssisted Living Facility 00
HarlanNursing Home10
JeffersonNursing Home3115015
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 3030
HopkinsNursing Home381301
JessamineNursing Home8824824
MercerNursing Home00
FayetteNursing Home1010
FayetteNursing Home12323
FayetteNursing Home2000
DaviessNursing Home0000
MadisonNursing Home50
JeffersonNursing Home20
CampbellNursing Home1101
KentonNursing Home2000
HopkinsAssisted Living Facility 00
HopkinsAssisted Living Facility 10
PulaskiNursing Home11
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 28303
FranklinAssisted Living Facility 15000
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 254
FayetteAssisted Living Facility 104
LawrenceNursing Home0000
WoodfordNursing Home1000
WhitleyNursing Home2000
WarrenAssisted Living Facility 00
TaylorNursing Home6000
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 0000
JeffersonNursing Home34757
JeffersonNursing Home4131
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 3111
MuhlenbergAssisted Living Facility 0000
FayetteAssisted Living Facility 10
JeffersonNursing Home10212
HardinAssisted Living Facility 00
MadisonNursing Home222
WoodfordNursing Home00
JeffersonNursing Home8070
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 16252
BooneAssisted Living Facility 0000
McCrackenNursing Home130130
PowellNursing Home532442
LincolnNursing Home9321
JeffersonNursing Home45515
KentonAssisted Living Facility 11
JeffersonNursing Home17212
WashingtonNursing Home4020
GraysonNursing Home282
CallowayNursing Home475245
MuhlenbergAssisted Living Facility 1010
CallowayAssisted Living Facility 10
GreenupNursing Home8080
PulaskiNursing Home7070
PulaskiAssisted Living Facility 90
PulaskiNursing Home22101
LaRueNursing Home205135
SpencerNursing Home3030
JeffersonNursing Home66313
MonroeNursing Home856546
McCrearyNursing Home2000
OhioNursing Home398
HartNursing Home6020
BarrenNursing Home468178
ScottNursing Home1000
HardinNursing Home5040
JeffersonNursing Home442112
CarrollNursing Home46202
WarrenNursing Home129208220
AndersonNursing Home1010
FayetteNursing Home29050
AdairNursing Home6915
JeffersonNursing Home81606
JeffersonNursing Home4000
JeffersonNursing Home4000
HardinNursing Home98142514
JeffersonNursing Home29909
JeffersonNursing Home4211111
JacksonNursing Home4015
DaviessNursing Home23606
NelsonNursing Home6111
WebsterNursing Home00
TriggAssisted Living Facility 20
JeffersonNursing Home642202
FayetteAssisted Living Facility 00
FayetteNursing Home924374
WashingtonNursing Home6000
BullittNursing Home13474
MagoffinNursing Home455215
LivingstonNursing Home4040
KentonNursing Home8931031
ClarkAssisted Living Facility 00
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 3000
RockcastleNursing Home66737
RobertsonNursing Home16080
FloydNursing Home915435
McLeanNursing Home576166
JeffersonNursing Home7111
McCrackenAssisted Living Facility 2020
LyonNursing Home82
PendletonNursing Home00
McCrackenNursing Home1000
HopkinsNursing Home7124124
BathNursing Home4020
OldhamNursing Home57797
FayetteAssisted Living Facility 1000
JeffersonNursing Home7814014
JeffersonNursing Home3000
HendersonNursing Home10425025
WebsterNursing Home331
HardinNursing Home0000
McCrackenNursing Home7030
CaldwellNursing Home282262
FloydNursing Home10373
FayetteNursing Home10
FlemingNursing Home0000
FayetteNursing Home10826
PikeNursing Home82111711
PerryNursing Home10101
McCrackenNursing Home1354864
PikeNursing Home875565
HarrisonAssisted Living Facility 290
JeffersonNursing Home22212
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 1010
WebsterAssisted Living Facility 12080
OwsleyNursing Home500500
BathAssisted Living Facility 10
OwenNursing Home10
DaviessNursing Home4101
DaviessAssisted Living Facility 7121
MarshallNursing Home00
GreenupNursing Home38464
HopkinsAssisted Living Facility 00
FayetteNursing Home706186
RowanAssisted Living Facility 00
BreathittNursing Home4101
JessamineNursing Home20
BarrenNursing Home9013513
HenryNursing Home10
JeffersonNursing Home5418018
JeffersonNursing Home15636
BellNursing Home53909
JohnsonNursing Home241201
McCrackenAssisted Living Facility 7101
ChristianAssisted Living Facility 1010
WarrenAssisted Living Facility 00
GreenupAssisted Living Facility 7111
MadisonAssisted Living Facility 5050
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 23000
FayetteAssisted Living Facility 4131
FranklinAssisted Living Facility 00
BoyleAssisted Living Facility 2000
BoydAssisted Living Facility 00
ButlerNursing Home12014014
UnionNursing Home471
GravesNursing Home7423
BellNursing Home66303
MetcalfeNursing Home332192
FayetteAssisted Living Facility 0000
BoyleAssisted Living Facility 10
MadisonAssisted Living Facility 00
MasonNursing Home4000
GravesNursing Home1000
FayetteNursing Home20
WarrenAssisted Living Facility 00
ShelbyNursing Home7214
JeffersonNursing Home41565
MartinNursing Home9090
MuhlenbergNursing Home1000
WarrenNursing Home4712
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 16202
FayetteAssisted Living Facility 2000
BooneAssisted Living Facility 6060
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 3020
KentonNursing Home1101
HopkinsNursing Home2000
MadisonNursing Home1010
JeffersonNursing Home9121
JeffersonNursing Home9810610
MarionNursing Home1000
JeffersonNursing Home4303
RowanNursing Home1000
BallardNursing Home1010
FayetteAssisted Living Facility 71
CaseyNursing Home6413
FayetteNursing Home240180
LetcherNursing Home2000
LeeNursing Home8812
LaurelNursing Home8000
JeffersonNursing Home5413013
JeffersonNursing Home128193119
ClayNursing Home2000
GarrardNursing Home58808
JeffersonNursing Home854434
PikeNursing Home3010
BoyleNursing Home3000
NelsonNursing Home1000
McCrackenAssisted Living Facility 1010
MarshallNursing Home1000
KnottNursing Home46787
JeffersonNursing Home20
BoydNursing Home8111
MadisonNursing Home1000
HardinNursing Home410400
HopkinsNursing Home0000
NicholasNursing Home0000
JeffersonNursing Home63104910
KentonAssisted Living Facility 240
EstillNursing Home64909
LeslieNursing Home2010
WarrenNursing Home48919
LoganAssisted Living Facility 00
BarrenAssisted Living Facility 20
ScottAssisted Living Facility 00
FayetteNursing Home7011011
HopkinsNursing Home10
LaurelNursing Home113929
JeffersonNursing Home434224
CampbellNursing Home4121
JeffersonNursing Home96161316
CaldwellAssisted Living Facility 1010
FayetteAssisted Living Facility 00
WayneNursing Home3000
CallowayAssisted Living Facility 3111
DaviessNursing Home0000
DaviessAssisted Living Facility 71
HendersonNursing Home64838
HardinNursing Home346196
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 5101
HancockNursing Home00
ToddNursing Home182
PerryNursing Home4010
MercerNursing Home6917117
HarlanNursing Home10
BreckinridgeNursing Home10
ScottNursing Home7117
WarrenNursing Home6411111
MuhlenbergNursing Home9070
GreenNursing Home79000
GravesNursing Home19101
GraysonNursing Home51838
GrantNursing Home6101
PikeNursing Home8080
BarrenNursing Home418
JeffersonNursing Home4000
BarrenNursing Home4131
GallatinNursing Home408
McCrackenAssisted Living Facility 00
FultonNursing Home26202
OldhamNursing Home889469
SimpsonNursing Home2010
FranklinNursing Home46333
JeffersonNursing Home2000
ClarkNursing Home99727
JeffersonNursing Home5101
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 40
OhioNursing Home211121
BooneNursing Home8625
CallowayAssisted Living Facility 10
DaviessAssisted Living Facility 0000
RussellNursing Home23585
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 51
JeffersonNursing Home7623623
KentonNursing Home13101
BullittAssisted Living Facility 4040
BooneAssisted Living Facility 00
ElliottNursing Home0000
HardinNursing Home10202
EdmonsonNursing Home31909
MenifeeNursing Home8000
HarrisonNursing Home2020
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 00
FranklinAssisted Living Facility 30
OhioAssisted Living Facility 00
HopkinsNursing Home4020
BoyleNursing Home7040
WoodfordAssisted Living Facility 10
CumberlandNursing Home1000
PulaskiNursing Home799
CrittendenNursing Home10
PulaskiAssisted Living Facility 10
ShelbyNursing Home0000
LoganNursing Home58939
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 20
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 214
ChristianNursing Home151
OldhamAssisted Living Facility 10
CarlisleNursing Home1010
WhitleyNursing Home34000
HendersonAssisted Living Facility 16383
ShelbyAssisted Living Facility 110
WarrenNursing Home4101
CampbellNursing Home19808
HickmanAssisted Living Facility 23101
HickmanAssisted Living Facility 54
ClintonNursing Home524374
JeffersonNursing Home1150200
ChristianNursing Home352262
JeffersonNursing Home28202
LyonNursing Home00
JeffersonNursing Home250230
WarrenAssisted Living Facility 2020
WarrenAssisted Living Facility 10
WarrenAssisted Living Facility 00
MarionNursing Home37808
HarrisonAssisted Living Facility 00
PikeAssisted Living Facility 10
RowanAssisted Living Facility 00
CarterNursing Home0000
ChristianAssisted Living Facility 30
CampbellNursing Home246
DaviessNursing Home29454
TaylorNursing Home6050
FayetteNursing Home32121
MarshallNursing Home11
AllenNursing Home21303
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 00
CallowayNursing Home1000
FayetteNursing Home10
HopkinsNursing Home10000
JessamineAssisted Living Facility 20
BooneNursing Home455
UnionNursing Home2000
MeadeNursing Home4202
FranklinNursing Home13191
ChristianNursing Home580490
BrackenNursing Home00
BoydNursing Home5711
WarrenNursing Home41101
BourbonNursing Home6000
BooneNursing Home4000
TaylorAssisted Living Facility 7070
PulaskiAssisted Living Facility 0000
FayetteNursing Home12000
HardinAssisted Living Facility 50
MadisonNursing Home0000
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 15202
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 10
GraysonAssisted Living Facility 0000
BullittNursing Home63141
TrimbleNursing Home5000
OhioNursing Home4010
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 160160
CampbellAssisted Living Facility 2020
BarrenNursing Home3020
TriggAssisted Living Facility 00
KnoxNursing Home112111111
KentonAssisted Living Facility 31
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 13353
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 0000
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 41
KentonAssisted Living Facility 00
HardinAssisted Living Facility 10
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 150110
ScottAssisted Living Facility 1000
MadisonAssisted Living Facility 00
HardinAssisted Living Facility 00
JeffersonAssisted Living Facility 32
ShelbyAssisted Living Facility 111101