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Total cases
Total deaths
Facilities affected

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Facility typeResident casesResident deathsStaff casesStaff deathsStaff & Resident casesStaff & Resident deaths
Long-term care facility Cumulative596N/A343N/AN/A95
Long-term care facility Outbreak147N/A69N/AN/A8

State notes

Maine reports long-term care data for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Care Homes, Residential Care Homes, homes for adults with intellectual disability or behavioral health needs and Veterans Homes. Publicly, Maine reports cases and deaths as outbreaks in press conferences. Outbreaks are defined as "three cases or more within a fourteen day period. This may include both residents as well as staff. Maine CDC will close an outbreak once 28 days have passed with no additional cases." Starting on July 15th, Maine began providing CTP with a LTC facility-level sheet every Thursday via email.

July 15, 2020: Maine provided CTP with a facility-level list of open and closed outbreaks, which is responsible for a spike in data on July 16th. October 1, 2020: Maine did not provide CTP with a facility-level sheet. Carrying over all numbers from previous week. November 19, 2020: Maine did not provide CTP with a long-term care facility sheet. Data was carried over from November 12, 2020.


Knox CountyUncategorized LTC22
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC2
Androscoggin CountyUncategorized LTC13
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC12
Waldo CountyUncategorized LTC32
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC52
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC41
York CountyUncategorized LTC8
Somerset CountyUncategorized LTC7
Franklin CountyUncategorized LTC23
Androscoggin CountyUncategorized LTC45
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC3
York CountyUncategorized LTC15
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC9
Penobscot CountyUncategorized LTC5
Kennebec CountyUncategorized LTC0
Androscoggin CountyUncategorized LTC2
Androscoggin CountyUncategorized LTC31
Somerset CountyUncategorized LTC25
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC34
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC45
Franklin CountyUncategorized LTC17
York CountyUncategorized LTC2
Androscoggin CountyUncategorized LTC0
Androscoggin CountyUncategorized LTC5
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC61
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC0
Cumberland CountyUncategorized LTC1
Kennebec CountyUncategorized LTC48