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Maryland Overview

Data Reporting Assessment (Learn more about data quality assessments)

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When Maryland reports no data, several days of data, or unusual data (such as decreases in values that should increase), our volunteers note it here on the date the anomaly occurred. We also note here changes in our own methodology that affect the data.

As of October 16, 2020, Maryland’s total test results are drawn from our totalTestsViral field instead of calculated via positive+negative. This will result in TotalTestResults only going back to 3/24 instead of 3/5.

On August 31, 2020, we updated Maryland's Total PCR tests (specimens) and Positive PCR tests (specimens) prior to 8/16 to match state-provided "Testing Volume" data.

On July 31, 2020, we began capturing Maryland's data for Positive PCR tests (specimens).

Between March 12 and March 28, 2020, Maryland did not report data for negative tests.