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The only available long-term care data from Missouri is deaths within the last seven days. We do not report this data because it is neither cumulative or outbreak data. Due to the lack of substantial information, case and death data represents Missouri’s largest county, St. Louis County.

When reports no data, several days of data, or unusual data (such as decreases in values that should increase), our volunteers note it here on the date the anomaly occurred. We also note here changes in our own methodology that affect the data.

Missouri reports long-term care data for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Intermediate Care Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities and Residential Care Facilities that provide nursing or convalescent care. Missouri only reports the number cases in of long-term care facilities in the past 7 days. Each facility had at least 1 resident or staff member with COVID-19. Missouri does not report facility-level data.

St. Louis County in Missouri reports more comprehensive data than the state of Missouri. St. Louis County reports resident cases and resident deaths. CTP currently uses St. Louis County's data for cumulative data for Missouri. This information is reported the first week of each month and is carried forward until the next release.

July 30, 2020: CTP began reporting St. Louis County resident cases and deaths due to Missouri not releasing any information other than the of number of facilities with a COVID-19 case.

September 10, 2020: St. Louis released a report on September 2, 2020 with updated numbers, including backfilling efforts for cases for July and August. CTP has updated data to reflect this change.

October 22, 2020: Missouri's dashboard changed and the state now provides resident cases by county over the past 7 days. Facility count is no longer given. CTP continues to report cases and deaths from St. Louis County as this is the only available representation of this data. This case and death data only represents a portion of cases and deaths in the state. Before this reporting switch, Missouri provided the cumulative number of facilities with a case.

October 29, 2020: Missouri is reporting resident cases in LTC facilities in the past 7 days. This total is reported in the Outbreak category.

December 17, 2020: Missouri’s LTC dashboard is down. Data is carried over from December 10, 2020.

December 24, 2020: Missouri’s LTC dashboard is down. Data is carried over from December 10, 2020.

January 7, 2021: Missouri's LTC dashboard is down. Data is carried over from December 10, 2020.

DateResident CasesResident DeathsStaff CasesStaff DeathsTotal CasesTotal Deaths
January 14, 20214,747761004,747761
January 7, 20212,824525002,824525
December 31, 20202,824525002,824525
December 24, 20202,824525002,824525
December 17, 20202,824525002,824525
December 10, 20202,824525002,824525
December 3, 20202,824525002,824525
November 26, 20202,824525002,824525
November 19, 20202,824525002,824525
November 12, 20202,824525002,824525
November 5, 20202,824525002,824525
October 29, 20202,320494002,320494
October 22, 20202,320494002,320494
October 15, 20202,320494002,320494
October 8, 20202,320494002,320494
October 1, 20202,320494002,320494
September 24, 20202,320494002,320494
September 17, 20202,320494002,320494
September 10, 20202,320494002,320494
September 3, 20202,320494002,320494
August 27, 20201,965461001,965461
August 20, 20201,965461001,965461
August 13, 20201,965461001,965461
August 6, 20201,965461001,965461
July 30, 20201,709428001,709428
July 23, 20201,709428001,709428
July 16, 20201,709428001,709428
July 9, 20201,709428001,709428
July 2, 20201,709428001,709428
June 25, 20201,521360001,521360
June 18, 20201,521360001,521360
June 11, 20201,521360001,521360
June 4, 20201,521360001,521360
May 28, 202084014800840148
May 21, 202084014800840148