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Facility typeResident casesResident deathsStaff casesStaff deathsStaff & Resident casesStaff & Resident deaths
Long-term care facility CumulativeN/AN/AN/AN/A1,822131
Long-term care facility OutbreakN/AN/AN/AN/A1,441N/A
Assisted-living facility CumulativeN/AN/AN/AN/A1,12065
Assisted-living facility OutbreakN/AN/AN/AN/A645N/A

State notes

Montana reports long-term data for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living. Montana reports cumulative and outbreak data. The state gives number of facilities with cases and case numbers for residents and staff. Montana does not provide facility-level data.

August 3, 2020: Montana started providing LTC data on the state site. September 17, 2020: Montana added outbreak cases for residents and staff and also the number of facilities with outbreaks to their reporting. October 15, 2020: MT did not update LTC data. Data was carried over. November 19, 2020: Assisted Living cumulative deaths decreased by 4.


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