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The COVID Tracking Project will stop collecting data on March 7, 2021.

Data as of March 3, 2021 | Data last collected by CTP March 3, 2021

North Dakota does not report race/ethnicity data for deaths, tests, or hospitalizations.

Race data

Cases per 100k people

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North Dakota does not report ethnicity data for cases.
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  • As of March 3, 2021, North Dakota has reported race data for 65% of cases and 0% of deaths, and ethnicity for 0% of cases and 0% of deaths. North Dakota does not report either race or ethnicity data for tests or hospitalizations.
  • Race categories are mutually exclusive and include both Hispanic/Latino and non-Hispanic/Latino ethnicity.
  • Population sizes are taken from the Census Bureau’s 2019 ACS 5-Year estimates Table B02001 for race and B03002 for ethnicity.
  • One or more standard race categories are not reported or otherwise specified by the state. These categories may or may not be included in the "Other race" category in our data.
Historical data for


DateBlack or African AmericanAsianNative Hawaiian or Pacific IslanderAmerican Indian or Alaska NativeWhite
March 3, 202113,06811,939N/A10,8938,459
February 28, 202113,02311,939N/A10,8588,426
February 24, 202112,97711,921N/A10,8268,383
February 21, 202112,92711,903N/A10,7918,352
February 17, 202112,90411,884N/A10,7618,301
February 14, 202112,84511,912N/A10,7168,262
February 10, 202112,79111,875N/A10,6488,211
February 7, 202112,77711,903N/A10,6118,196
February 3, 202112,75911,930N/A10,5568,158
January 31, 202112,71811,903N/A10,4968,122
January 27, 202112,67711,794N/A10,4518,066
January 24, 202112,65411,694N/A10,3788,030
January 20, 202112,56811,666N/A10,2937,969
January 17, 202112,53111,630N/A10,2567,929
January 13, 202112,44511,548N/A10,1767,850
January 10, 202112,40411,521N/A10,0887,814
January 6, 202112,28611,430N/A9,9817,719
January 3, 2021N/A11,412N/A9,8317,646
December 30, 202012,18111,403N/A9,7397,561
December 27, 202012,10811,357N/A9,6217,495
December 23, 202012,01711,303N/A9,4747,424
December 20, 202011,96311,248N/A9,3747,356
December 16, 202011,79011,021N/A9,0147,183
December 13, 202011,35310,585N/A8,4796,778
December 9, 202011,35310,585N/A8,4796,778
December 6, 202011,35310,585N/A8,4796,778
December 2, 202011,06210,276N/A8,1296,548
November 29, 202010,95710,085N/A7,9316,426
November 25, 202010,7129,795N/A7,6516,180
November 22, 202010,4439,477N/A7,4195,956
November 18, 20209,9299,050N/A6,9395,497
November 15, 20209,5848,686N/A6,5595,215
November 11, 20209,0248,005N/A5,9744,729
November 8, 20208,7157,614N/A5,6894,476
November 4, 20208,0876,687N/A5,1644,019
November 1, 20207,8145,851N/A4,8843,759
October 28, 20207,3965,161N/A4,4923,394
October 25, 20207,2504,916N/A4,3293,217
October 21, 20207,0144,270N/A4,0342,977
October 18, 20206,8463,843N/A3,8822,807
October 14, 20206,5953,571N/A3,6192,565
October 11, 20206,4183,280N/A3,4822,401
October 7, 20206,2953,017N/A3,2322,179
October 4, 20206,1912,908N/A3,1102,049
September 30, 20206,0132,735N/A2,8971,893
September 27, 20205,8812,626N/A2,7571,774
September 23, 20205,6492,508N/A2,5351,614
September 20, 20205,5492,635N/A2,4321,506
September 16, 20205,2262,326N/A2,1951,367
September 13, 20205,1132,271N/A2,1301,287
September 9, 20204,8402,172N/A2,0121,142
September 6, 20204,7582,099N/A1,9851,092
September 2, 20204,5262,044N/A1,877963
August 30, 20204,3762,035N/A1,805907
August 26, 20204,2301,953N/A1,652789
August 23, 20204,1071,899N/A1,590729
August 19, 20203,9621,826N/A1,482643


North Dakota does not report ethnicity data for cases.
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Prior to August 19, 2020, North Dakota did not report race/ethnicity data for cases.