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Facility typeResident casesResident deathsStaff casesStaff deaths
Long-term care facility Cumulative147N/A73N/A
Long-term care facility OutbreakN/AN/AN/AN/A

State notes

Puerto Rico reports long-term care data for cumulative resident and staff cases. The number of facilities with a COVID-19 case is cumulative since April. The number of staff and resident cases in this dataset represent PCR tests reported by the Puerto Rico Department of Health from August 13th and August 20th-September 12th, 2020. In the August report, Puerto Rico also reported antibody tests from April - September. Of those antibody tests, which CTP does not currently include in our dataset, there were 349 resident positive antibody tests and 163 staff antibody tests. Puerto Rico does not report resident or staff deaths and does not list facilities by name or by type. Puerto Rico does not provide facility-level data.

September 17, 2020: CTP first reported Puerto Rico’s long-term care data. October 29, 2020: Puerto Rico has not reported new long-term data since October 18, 2020. Data is carried over.


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