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When reports no data, several days of data, or unusual data (such as decreases in values that should increase), our volunteers note it here on the date the anomaly occurred. We also note here changes in our own methodology that affect the data.

Virginia reports long-term care data for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, behavioral health residential facilities, group homes, independent living/retirement homes and multicare at the facility-level. Virginia reports cumulative and current outbreak data.

Cumulative data is reported in two locations: Virginia’s main dashboard and the Virginia Long-term Care Task Force page on the Virginia Department of Health website. The dashboard only provides cumulative long-term care facility information. The task force data was first published on June 3. The task force cumulative data is categorized and reported by Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and multicare facilities. Multicare health facilities are placed in the Other category. Facilities reporting cumulative data can date back to January 1. Virginia reports resident and staff information combined.

Virginia provides an asterisk * for digits between 0 and 5 to preserve anonymity of patients and staff in facilities. CTP converts all asterisks * to equal 1 in our calculations. We do this because Virginia reports 0’s for no data, so we assumed an * is at least a value of 1.

Cumulative data is collected and reported using two different collection methods. To start, the task force reports facility status in three ways: Outbreak in Progress, Pending Closure and Outbreak Closed. For cumulative data, all three are summed together by Nursing Homes, Assisted Living facility and multicare. In turn, the dashboard cumulative total is the long-term care totals. To remove any potential instances of double counting, the difference between the totals of the task force page categories combined and the cumulative total presented on the dashboard is the remaining cases and deaths obscured by Virginia’s *. This remaining data is placed into the long-term care category.

Outbreak data is reported for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and multicare facilities. Current outbreak data is gathered from both “pending closure” and “outbreak-in-progress” facility statuses in the task force dataset. Virginia defines “pending closure” when a facility has 28 days passed without a documented new case and the outbreak has not yet been closed. An “outbreak-in-progress” is defined by Virginia as the identification of two or more laboratory-confirmed cases of illness, with onset dates within 14 days.

June 3, 2020: The Virginia Long-Term Care Task Force published its first dataset.

June 22, 2020: CTP began breaking out cumulative and outbreak cases and deaths by facility type.

November 26, 2020: Number of Assisted Living Facilities with a COVID-19 case or death decreased by 2.

DateResident CasesResident DeathsStaff CasesStaff DeathsTotal CasesTotal Deaths
January 14, 202123,4272,6100023,4272,610
January 7, 202121,8532,4640021,8532,464
December 31, 202020,4882,3390020,4882,339
December 24, 202019,6852,2750019,6852,275
December 17, 202017,8392,1930017,8392,193
December 10, 202016,5092,0880016,5092,088
December 3, 202015,8112,0210015,8112,021
November 26, 202014,9461,9400014,9461,940
November 19, 202014,3921,8900014,3921,890
November 12, 202013,4501,8270013,4501,827
November 5, 202012,9781,8090012,9781,809
October 29, 202012,4851,7820012,4851,782
October 22, 202012,0181,7160012,0181,716
October 15, 202011,6381,6700011,6381,670
October 8, 202011,2041,6460011,2041,646
October 1, 202010,9581,6080010,9581,608
September 24, 202010,4211,5380010,4211,538
September 17, 202010,1061,4560010,1061,456
September 10, 20209,7341,395009,7341,395
September 3, 20209,4701,374009,4701,374
August 27, 20209,1631,336009,1631,336
August 20, 20208,9641,311008,9641,311
August 13, 20208,6541,294008,6541,294
August 6, 20208,3201,273008,3201,273
July 30, 20208,0031,218008,0031,218
July 23, 20207,6681,199007,6681,199
July 16, 20207,4091,184007,4091,184
July 9, 20207,1061,159007,1061,159
July 2, 20206,8891,099006,8891,099
June 25, 20206,6721,023006,6721,023
June 18, 20205,747945005,747945
June 11, 20205,369858005,369858
June 4, 20205,096816005,096816
May 28, 20204,614755004,614755
May 21, 20204,304654004,304654