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Facility typeResident casesResident deathsStaff casesStaff deathsStaff & Resident casesStaff & Resident deaths
Long-term care facility Cumulative1,533N/A1,257N/AN/A234
Long-term care facility Outbreak498N/A287N/AN/A64

State notes

West Virginia reports cumulative and outbreak data for long-term care facilities. West Virginia reports staff and resident cases, and combined total for staff and resident deaths. Cumulative data is calculated by CTP by lining up historical facility-level data, removing any duplicate cases and deaths and totaling. Active and closed outbreaks are listed on West Virginia’s dashboard, but cases and deaths for closed outbreaks are removed from WV’s dashboard if more than 14 days have passed since that facility’s last outbreak. West Virginia defines an outbreak as one lab confirmed case within 14 days, and is active until 14 days after the last confirmed case. West Virginia releases facility-level data. They do not include the facility type.

June 15-July 9, 2020: West Virginia did not update the Long-Term Care dashboard. July 9, 2020: West Virginia kept all facility totals from the previous month except for one facility - Eldercare Health and Rehabilitation in Jackson County. On June 15, 2020, this facility reported 71 resident cases, 32 staff cases, 15 total deaths. On July 9, 2020, these cases and deaths were removed and replaced by 1 staff case and the facility was marked as an “active” outbreak. West Virginia defines an active outbreak as “two lab confirmed cases within 14 days of one another, and is active until 14 days after the last confirmed case.” August 13, 2020: West Virginia added previous outbreaks back into the cumulative totals. November 5, 2020: Cumulative facilities went down from 123 to 106. November 12, 2020: West Virginia no longer shares cumulative resident positives, staff positives or deaths. CTP carried previous cumulative totals. The number of reporting facilities dropped by one. Between data collected 11/4 and data collected from 11/5 there were drops in resident cases (drop of 93) and staff cases (drop of 66). The state is now only updating long-term care data on Fridays.


WyomingUncategorized LTC00
WoodUncategorized LTC21
WoodUncategorized LTC1413
JeffersonUncategorized LTC4537
GreenbrierUncategorized LTC20
HarrisonUncategorized LTC00
BrookeUncategorized LTC4342
McDowellUncategorized LTC00
HancockUncategorized LTC00
HancockUncategorized LTC20
WebsterUncategorized LTC00
WayneUncategorized LTC470
MorganUncategorized LTC00
KanawhaUncategorized LTC220
HarrisonUncategorized LTC00
MarionUncategorized LTC00
MingoUncategorized LTC140
LoganUncategorized LTC970
PutnamUncategorized LTC2515
TaylorUncategorized LTC10
MonongaliaUncategorized LTC400
NicholasUncategorized LTC10
SummersUncategorized LTC3528
HancockUncategorized LTC22
CabellUncategorized LTC20
UpshurUncategorized LTC00
MarionUncategorized LTC55
MonroeUncategorized LTC430
TylerUncategorized LTC00
JeffersonUncategorized LTC11
HarrisonUncategorized LTC240
TaylorUncategorized LTC360
RoaneUncategorized LTC32
KanawhaUncategorized LTC350
HarrisonUncategorized LTC44
JacksonUncategorized LTC00
RaleighUncategorized LTC20
PutnamUncategorized LTC2525
MercerUncategorized LTC530
MercerUncategorized LTC00
PocahontasUncategorized LTC00
MasonUncategorized LTC00
MineralUncategorized LTC00
RitchieUncategorized LTC77
PrestonUncategorized LTC00
RaleighUncategorized LTC450
MarionUncategorized LTC43
PendletonUncategorized LTC10
WoodUncategorized LTC10
WoodUncategorized LTC00
KanawhaUncategorized LTC2420
WetzelUncategorized LTC5135
RandolphUncategorized LTC00
RandolphUncategorized LTC00
MarshallUncategorized LTC88
MonongaliaUncategorized LTC00
FayetteUncategorized LTC70
FayetteUncategorized LTC4545
CalhounUncategorized LTC00
RoaneUncategorized LTC10
MercerUncategorized LTC00
HarrisonUncategorized LTC419
KanawhaUncategorized LTC500
GreenbrierUncategorized LTC00
Mc DowellUncategorized LTC00
KanawhaUncategorized LTC600
MonongaliaUncategorized LTC00
MercerUncategorized LTC00
BarbourUncategorized LTC00
SummersUncategorized LTC00
CabellUncategorized LTC10
MonongaliaUncategorized LTC00
LoganUncategorized LTC10
LincolnUncategorized LTC00
GreenbrierUncategorized LTC20
MasonUncategorized LTC130
MarionUncategorized LTC00
RaleighUncategorized LTC10
CabellUncategorized LTC100100
PrestonUncategorized LTC32
UpshurUncategorized LTC00
FayetteUncategorized LTC10
BooneUncategorized LTC3733
FayetteUncategorized LTC00
CabellUncategorized LTC41
RaleighUncategorized LTC00
HampshireUncategorized LTC00
HampshireUncategorized LTC00
OhioUncategorized LTC3619
GreenbrierUncategorized LTC00
GrantUncategorized LTC490
OhioUncategorized LTC33
BarbourUncategorized LTC00
GilmerUncategorized LTC10
KanawhaUncategorized LTC530
FayetteUncategorized LTC120
MarionUncategorized LTC00
RandolphUncategorized LTC00
JacksonUncategorized LTC710
KanawhaUncategorized LTC310
WoodUncategorized LTC00
HardyUncategorized LTC00
KanawhaUncategorized LTC121
MineralUncategorized LTC00
LewisUncategorized LTC00
TuckerUncategorized LTC00
OhioUncategorized LTC50
KanawhaUncategorized LTC00
ClayUncategorized LTC00
BerkeleyUncategorized LTC00
HarrisonUncategorized LTC00
KanawhaUncategorized LTC812
PleasantsUncategorized LTC00
BerkeleyUncategorized LTC00
JeffersonUncategorized LTC10
MarshallUncategorized LTC4535
CabellUncategorized LTC00
BrookeUncategorized LTC00
HarrisonUncategorized LTC00
BraxtonUncategorized LTC00
MorganUncategorized LTC00
KanawhaUncategorized LTC00
FayetteUncategorized LTC00