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Racial Data Dashboard West Virginia

West Virginia

Serious issues exist for race and ethnicity data

Race data available for:

89% Cases92% Deaths0% Tests0% Hospitalizations

Ethnicity data available for:

0% Cases0% Deaths0% Tests0% Hospitalizations
Last checked by CTP: 3/7/21

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Notes About the Data

Cumulative Per Capita Data

In West Virginia, through March 7, 2021:

  • Black / African American people were most likely to have contracted COVID-19
  • White people were most likely to have died from COVID-19
Cases per 100,000 peopleDeaths per 100,000 peopleBlack / African American
Graphic only includes demographic groups reported by the state. Race categories are mutually exclusive and include both Hispanic/Latino and non-Hispanic/Latino ethnicity.

Data Tables

Historical Data

Data as of March 6, 2021 | Data last collected by CTP March 7, 2021

West Virginia does not report race/ethnicity data for tests or hospitalizations.

Race data

Cases per 100k people

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West Virginia did not report ethnicity data for cases through March 7, 2021.
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