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How You Can Help

The COVID Tracking Project was founded by three people working very quickly to collect urgently needed data, and has grown to include over 100 volunteer contributors. We are currently sorting and welcoming a new rush of wonderful volunteers, and have briefly paused our intake form until we catch up. We plan to reopen it within 48 hours. In the meantime, we have two requests.

1. Support local newsrooms

For everyone who can afford to make a financial contribution: Please subscribe to your local newspaper. If you can, maybe subscribe to a few.

Without the labor of local reporters, we wouldn't have a lot of the data we now receive from state public health authorities—and without significant financial support from people who care about transparency and governance, many vital news organizations won't make it through an economic crisis.

2. Push your state public health authority to share more data

Check your state's data-quality grade (how we calculate grades) and, if it's subpar, contact your governor's office and ask them to follow some simple data-reporting best practices to get this vital information to the public.

And thank you, from all of us on the project, for caring about this work.