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Measuring Our Impact at The COVID Tracking Project

Our largely volunteer-operated effort became a critical data source for journalists, scientists, academics and government officials.

By Rachel GlickhouseApril 14, 2021

Inconsistent Reporting Practices Hampered Our Ability to Analyze COVID-19 Data. Here Are Three Common Problems We Identified.

With little consistency in how states defined, published, and presented COVID-19 data, it is difficult to compare situations across states.

By Sara SimonApril 8, 2021

Releasing Our Annotations on State COVID-19 Current Hospitalizations Data

As part of our wind-down process, we are releasing a one-time snapshot of our research into states’ current hospitalization definitions.

By Rebecca GlassmanApril 7, 2021

How Not to Interpret COVID-19 Data

Beware of dating schemes, data dumps, weather events and other issues that can lead to mistakes that confuse the public.

The Decisions We Made

Looking back at what made The COVID Tracking Project work.

By Erin KissaneMarch 31, 2021

What We Know—and What We Don’t Know—About the Impact of the Pandemic on Our Most Vulnerable Community

Residents of nursing homes and other long-term-care facilities suffered an outsized impact from COVID-19. And yet we still don’t know how big of an impact, because so much data is missing or incomplete. What we do know makes plain that we failed to protect this community—and at great cost.

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