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For those just getting started with COVID-19 data, our data summary page lists and describes all the data, metadata, and related information we’ve released in public since The COVID Tracking Project began. For everyday users, we've also created a guide for where to find simple COVID data. Below are additional resources and guides for advanced users. We’ve also compiled a comprehensive list of how to find comparable federal data to that of The COVID Tracking Project’s.

COVID-19 cases and deaths data

We've written two guides for users who are new to federal cases and deaths data: cases data 101 and deaths data 101. We also held a training session about working with this data: You can view the presentation or watch the training video. Additional resources for cases and deaths include:


COVID-19 hospitalization and testing data

Again, we have two written guides to introduce users to this data: hospitalization data 101 and testing data 101. We also held a training session about working with this data: You can view the presentation or watch the video. Additional resources for hospitalization and testing data include:


Race and ethnicity data and long-term care data

Read our 101 for working with The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services nursing home dataset, and read our guide for working with race and ethnicity data here. You can also view the presentation or watch the video for our training session about this data. Additional resources include:

Race and Ethnicity Data
Long-Term Care Data

Video production by Hannah Hoffman and Carol Brandmaier-Monahan.


The COVID Tracking Project is a volunteer organization launched from The Atlantic and dedicated to collecting and publishing the data required to understand the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States.


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Federal COVID-19 Testing Data Is Getting Better

The federal government improved its state and county-level COVID-19 PCR testing data since we analyzed it in February. Here’s an update on those changes and what we hope to see next for the data.

By Kara W. SchechtmanApril 21, 2021

Federal COVID Data 101: What We Know About Race and Ethnicity Data

Publicly available federal race and ethnicity COVID-19 data is currently usable and improving, although it shares many of the problems we’ve found in state-reported data.

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How Not to Interpret COVID-19 Data

Beware of dating schemes, data dumps, weather events and other issues that can lead to mistakes that confuse the public.