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Trends Improve Except in the Midwest: This Week in COVID-19 Data, Sep 24

The Midwest and certain Western states showed a rise in case numbers and an uptick in hospitalizations, even as other regions continued to decline. The US reported over 6 million weekly tests for the first time this year, though some states are now lumping antigen tests results into standard PCR test data.

By Peter Walker & Joanna PearlsteinSeptember 24, 2020

Test Positivity: So Valuable, So Easy to Misinterpret

Test positivity is extremely useful, but it has also become one of the most commonly misunderstood metrics for monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, we take a step back and look at what it really means.

Why The COVID Tracking Project’s Death Count Hasn’t Hit 200,000

Several sites tracking the progression of the virus hit a grim milestone today: more than 200,000 deaths since the pandemic began. Our figures haven’t yet reached that level. Here’s why.

By Sara SimonSeptember 22, 2020

Holiday Reporting Lags Interrupt Positive Trends: This Week in COVID-19 Data, Sep 17

Though cases are rising in parts of the Midwest, hospitalizations in the West and South continued trending downward. The Labor Day holiday impacted data reporting lag times both this week and last, obscuring what had been positive trends in September.

By Joanna Pearlstein & Peter WalkerSeptember 17, 2020

State-level data obscures important variations in how cities and counties experience COVID-19

We track and analyze data from cities and counties, including breakdowns by race, ethnicity, and ZIP code when possible. The differences we find between cities, counties, and states give useful insights into response efforts.

The Tech Partners Who Make This Work Possible

Our volunteer-powered work depends on the contributions of hundreds of individuals, but it also wouldn’t be possible without the support of the tech companies that have donated their services to help us connect with each other, run a fast and stable website and API, and tell the stories emerging from the data we compile.

By Asia LindsaySeptember 15, 2020
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