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Current data quality grade:Grade A

Negatives = Total - Positives. Hospitalizations are calculated by calculating multiplying % of hospitalized times total cases, pending clarification from the state. Recoveries are estimated, and updated twice weekly. As of May 23, Mississippi is separating out PCR and antibody tests; we report PCR specimens tested. Total tests might be impacted. Mississippi notes that hospitalization data for May 23 is incomplete. On June 11th, due to a technical issue, Mississippi did not provide new updates. Beginning June 17th MS paused reporting data: "Our daily COVID-19 update will be limited as we work to resolve technical problems in our data reporting system." Current lab-confirmed hospitalization cases from MSDH Twitter 6/19. As of 6/21 all case and testing data was last updated 6/16 at 18:00. Currently hospitalized, in ICU, and on ventilator data was updated 6/20. On 6/22 MS added five days' backlog of case and death data.

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10:16 pm ET
CasesNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
State’s last reported update time: 7/1/2020 19:00 ET

Mississippi overview

TotalsPer 1M people
Mississippi 7-day average
New tests
New cases
Current hospitalizations
New deaths


DateScreenshots (ET)New TestsCasesNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Fri Jul 3 2020028,770270,269N/A3,2081,092299,039
Thu Jul 2 20205,28728,770270,269N/A3,2081,092299,039
Wed Jul 1 2020-5,93927,900265,852N/A3,1771,082293,752
Tue Jun 30 202016,16927,247272,444N/A3,1561,073299,691
Mon Jun 29 20203,33426,567256,955N/A3,1151,059283,522
Sun Jun 28 20202,86725,892254,296N/A3,1021,039280,188
Sat Jun 27 20205,42725,531251,790N/A3,0781,035277,321
Fri Jun 26 20205,89725,066246,828N/A3,0441,022271,894
Thu Jun 25 20204,33624,516241,481N/A2,9981,016265,997
Wed Jun 24 20207,80123,424238,237N/A2,9461,011261,661
Tue Jun 23 202061122,898230,962N/A2,915989253,860
Mon Jun 22 202014,53422,287230,962N/A2,881978253,249
Sun Jun 21 2020020,641218,074N/A2,767938238,715
Sat Jun 20 2020020,641218,074N/A2,767938238,715
Fri Jun 19 2020020,641218,074N/A2,767938238,715
Thu Jun 18 2020-5,67420,641218,074N/A2,767938238,715
Wed Jun 17 20203,58620,641223,748N/A2,767938244,389
Tue Jun 16 202010,30020,152220,651N/A2,728915240,803
Mon Jun 15 202016,45019,799210,704N/A2,680895230,503
Sun Jun 14 202016819,516194,537N/A2,665891214,053
Sat Jun 13 2020-60819,348194,537N/A2,644889213,885
Fri Jun 12 202060819,091195,402N/A2,643881214,493
Thu Jun 11 2020018,483195,402N/A2,614868213,885
Wed Jun 10 20205,67318,483195,402N/A2,614868213,885
Tue Jun 9 2020017,768190,444N/A2,535837208,212
Mon Jun 8 20204,96317,768190,444N/A2,535837208,212
Sun Jun 7 202010,12617,270185,979N/A2,522817203,249
Sat Jun 6 20201016,769176,354N/A2,475803193,123
Fri Jun 5 20208,12816,759176,354N/A2,475803193,113
Thu Jun 4 202023816,560168,425N/A2,340794184,985
Wed Jun 3 20205,24916,322168,425N/A2,340782184,747
Tue Jun 2 20203,24416,020163,478N/A2,296767179,498
Mon Jun 1 20204,41715,752160,502N/A2,296739176,254
Sun May 31 20205,90515,501156,336N/A2,272734171,837
Sat May 30 2020-37615,229150,703N/A2,240723165,932
Fri May 29 20209,81114,790151,518N/A2,208710166,308
Thu May 28 20208,36514,372142,125N/A2,147693156,497
Wed May 27 202031314,044134,088N/A2,106670148,132
Tue May 26 20203,90213,731134,088N/A2,070652147,819
Mon May 25 20206,01513,458130,459N/A2,046635143,917
Sun May 24 20203,68213,252124,650N/A2,023625137,902
Sat May 23 2020-3,75313,005121,215N/A1,996616134,220
Fri May 22 202012,00312,624125,349N/A1,966596137,973
Thu May 21 20205,29012,222113,748N/A1,932580125,970
Wed May 20 20202,92011,967108,713N/A1,901570120,680
Tue May 19 20201,99311,704106,056N/A1,840554117,760
Mon May 18 20202,64111,432104,335N/A1,805528115,767
Sun May 17 20204,65011,296101,830N/A1,773521113,126
Sat May 16 20201,65311,12397,353N/A1,748510108,476
Fri May 15 20201,49710,80196,022N/A1,712493106,823
Thu May 14 20205,27810,48394,843N/A1,667480105,326
Wed May 13 20202,35610,09089,958N/A1,616465100,048
Tue May 12 20201,8079,90887,784N/A1,58245797,692
Mon May 11 202014,2839,67486,211N/A1,54643595,885
Sun May 10 20201239,50172,101N/A1,53143081,602
Sat May 9 20202889,37872,101N/A1,51242181,479
Fri May 8 20204049,09072,101N/A1,47840981,191
Thu May 7 20202628,68672,101N/A1,44239680,787
Wed May 6 20202178,42472,101N/A1,39237480,525
Tue May 5 20206318,20772,101N/A1,35234280,308
Mon May 4 20202,0847,87771,800N/A1,31631079,677
Sun May 3 20203,1187,55070,043N/A1,29830377,593
Sat May 2 20202,9277,44167,034N/A1,26529174,475
Fri May 1 20205,2087,21264,336N/A1,22628171,548
Thu Apr 30 20202466,81559,525N/A1,17526166,340
Wed Apr 29 20201,6826,56959,525N/A1,12625066,094
Tue Apr 28 20209506,34258,070N/A1,08823964,412
Mon Apr 27 20202,6746,09457,368N/A1,06022963,462
Sun Apr 26 20201,8315,91154,877N/A1,00122760,788
Sat Apr 25 20203,2875,71853,239N/A99622158,957
Fri Apr 24 20202815,43450,236N/A97020955,670
Thu Apr 23 20201,5545,15350,236N/A94620155,389
Wed Apr 22 20201,4714,89448,941N/A91019353,835
Tue Apr 21 20209304,71647,648N/A85818352,364
Mon Apr 20 202012,3694,51246,922N/A81916951,434
Sun Apr 19 20203004,27434,791N/A80815939,065
Sat Apr 18 20201813,97434,791N/A78215238,765
Fri Apr 17 20201693,79334,791N/A73614038,584
Thu Apr 16 20202643,62434,791N/A68212938,415
Wed Apr 15 20202733,36034,791N/A64512238,151
Tue Apr 14 20206,8943,08734,791N/A59611137,878
Mon Apr 13 20209,5712,94228,042N/A5499830,984
Sun Apr 12 20201392,78118,632N/A5489621,413
Sat Apr 11 20201732,64218,632N/A5289321,274
Fri Apr 10 20202092,46918,632N/A4828221,101
Thu Apr 9 20202572,26018,632N/A4417620,892
Wed Apr 8 2020882,00318,632N/A4106720,635
Tue Apr 7 20201771,91518,632N/A3775920,547
Mon Apr 6 202013,1521,73818,632N/A4755120,370
Sun Apr 5 20206301,6385,580N/A475437,218
Sat Apr 4 20204771,4555,133N/A436356,588
Fri Apr 3 20201811,3584,753N/A420296,111
Thu Apr 2 20201,1451,1774,753N/A360265,930
Wed Apr 1 20203111,0733,712N/A332224,785
Tue Mar 31 20206389373,537N/A211204,474
Mon Mar 30 20205188472,989N/A195163,836
Sun Mar 29 2020957582,560N/A235143,318
Sat Mar 28 2020846632,560N/A219133,223
Fri Mar 27 20203635792,560N/A18583,139
Thu Mar 26 20208334852,291N/A15062,776
Wed Mar 25 2020713771,566N/A11721,943
Tue Mar 24 20204803201,552N/A8611,872
Mon Mar 23 2020712491,143N/A3311,392
Sun Mar 22 20204862071,114N/A3311,321
Sat Mar 21 202060140695N/AN/A1835
Fri Mar 20 202017380695N/AN/A1775
Thu Mar 19 20208950552N/AN/AN/A602
Wed Mar 18 202012434479N/AN/AN/A513
Tue Mar 17 202010021368N/AN/AN/A389
Mon Mar 16 202019512277N/AN/AN/A289
Sun Mar 15 202041084N/AN/AN/A94
Sat Mar 14 202045684N/AN/AN/A90
Fri Mar 13 20203441N/AN/AN/A45
Thu Mar 12 202022141N/AN/AN/A42
Wed Mar 11 202020020N/AN/AN/A20
Tue Mar 10 202000N/AN/AN/AN/A0
Mon Mar 9 202000N/AN/AN/AN/A0
Sun Mar 8 202000N/AN/AN/AN/A0
Sat Mar 7 202000N/AN/AN/AN/A0