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Current data quality grade:Grade A

As of May 16, Texas is reporting mostly specimens tested, except for the small number of tests performed by public labs, which are de-duplicated.

As of May 23, Texas is separating out PCR and antibody tests; we report the number of PCR tests. Total tests might be impacted. On June 16, Texas notes that "The reported cases for June 16 include 2,622 new cases and 1,476 cases that were previously diagnosed among Texas Department of Criminal Justice inmates but that had not been reported by local health departments (887 from Anderson County and 589 from Brazoria County)."

On July 22, we began reporting ICU hospitalizations for Texas. We are currently looking through historical data to maintain an accurate time-series.

On July 25, Texas reported that 2092 probable cases had been removed from the statewide case totals by the Corpus Christi-Nueces County Public Health District. That removal meant that the number of total cases for Texas appeared smaller than it was. The actual number of new cases in Texas that day was 8112, not 6020.

On July 27, Texas added 675 additional deaths through death certificate reviews. However only 44 deaths were truly new deaths on July 27. This will inflate the daily increase in deaths until the timeseries has been backfilled based on this revision

Starting July 23, Texas has reported that its current hospitalization and ICU numbers are incomplete due to its transition to the HHS reporting system. We carried over hospitalization figures until July 28. We will backfill the complete numbers for July 23 - July 28 when reporting is back at 100%.

On July 30, Texas posted that "Cumulative fatalities have been corrected for July 27, 28 and 29. As DSHS shifted to using death certificate data to count fatalities this week, an automation error caused approximately 225 fatalities to be included that did not have COVID-19 listed as a direct cause of death."

On August 2, Texas posted that, "New data will not be posted on this dashboard on Sunday, August 2 due to a scheduled upgrade to the system that processes electronic lab reports. Data for Sunday will be posted with Monday’s data update."

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Aug 7 at 7:17 am ET
CasesNegativeTestsPendingTestsCurrentlyHospitalizedCumulativeHospitalizedCurrentlyIn ICUCumulativeIn ICUCurrentlyOn VentilatorCumulativeOn VentilatorRecoveredOutcomesDeathsOutcomesPositive + NegativeTotal Test Results
State’s last reported update time: 8/6/2020 16:15 ET

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Texas 7-day average
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DateScreenshots (ET)New TestsCasesNegativePendingHospitalizedDeathsTotal
Thu Aug 6 202036,245467,4853,476,995N/AN/A7,8033,944,480
Wed Aug 5 202023,387459,8873,448,348N/AN/A7,4973,908,235
Tue Aug 4 202050,262451,1813,433,667N/AN/A7,2613,884,848
Mon Aug 3 202086,807442,0143,392,572N/AN/A7,0163,834,586
Sun Aug 2 20200430,4853,317,294N/AN/A6,8373,747,779
Sat Aug 1 202078,027430,4853,317,294N/AN/A6,8373,747,779
Fri Jul 31 202060,278420,9463,248,806N/AN/A6,5693,669,752
Thu Jul 30 202070,106412,1073,197,367N/AN/A6,2743,609,474
Wed Jul 29 202062,442403,3073,136,061N/AN/A6,1903,539,368
Tue Jul 28 202048,044394,2653,082,661N/AN/A5,8773,476,926
Mon Jul 27 202058,907385,9233,042,959N/AN/A5,7133,428,882
Sun Jul 26 202063,933381,6562,988,319N/AN/A5,0383,369,975
Sat Jul 25 202074,111375,8462,930,196N/AN/A4,8853,306,042
Fri Jul 24 202067,275369,8262,862,105N/AN/A4,7173,231,931
Thu Jul 23 202060,508361,1252,803,531N/AN/A4,5213,164,656
Wed Jul 22 202060,574351,6182,752,530N/AN/A4,3483,104,148
Tue Jul 21 202059,020341,7392,701,835N/AN/A4,1513,043,574
Mon Jul 20 202052,190332,4342,652,120N/AN/A4,0202,984,554
Sun Jul 19 202089,679325,0302,607,334N/AN/A3,9582,932,364
Sat Jul 18 202075,364317,7302,524,955N/AN/A3,8652,842,685
Fri Jul 17 202067,466307,5722,459,749N/AN/A3,7352,767,321
Thu Jul 16 202057,656292,6562,407,199N/AN/A3,5612,699,855
Wed Jul 15 202043,519282,3652,359,834N/AN/A3,4322,642,199
Tue Jul 14 202058,555275,0582,323,622N/AN/A3,3222,598,680
Mon Jul 13 202047,371264,3132,275,812N/AN/A3,2352,540,125
Sun Jul 12 202063,130258,6582,234,096N/AN/A3,1922,492,754
Sat Jul 11 202039,835250,4622,179,162N/AN/A3,1122,429,624
Fri Jul 10 202076,577240,1112,149,678N/AN/A3,0132,389,789
Thu Jul 9 202054,504230,3462,082,866N/AN/A2,9182,313,212
Wed Jul 8 202037,421220,5642,038,144N/AN/A2,8132,258,708
Tue Jul 7 202057,558210,5852,010,702N/AN/A2,7152,221,287
Mon Jul 6 202030,272200,5571,963,172N/AN/A2,6552,163,729
Sun Jul 5 202061,648195,2391,938,218N/AN/A2,6372,133,457
Sat Jul 4 202057,903191,7901,880,019N/AN/A2,6082,071,809
Fri Jul 3 202038,103183,5321,830,374N/AN/A2,5752,013,906
Thu Jul 2 202053,855175,9771,799,826N/AN/A2,5251,975,803
Wed Jul 1 202052,666168,0621,753,886N/AN/A2,4811,921,948
Tue Jun 30 202050,093159,9861,709,296N/AN/A2,4241,869,282
Mon Jun 29 202043,970153,0111,666,178N/AN/A2,4031,819,189
Sun Jun 28 202052,393148,7281,626,491N/AN/A2,3931,775,219
Sat Jun 27 202025,492143,3711,579,455N/AN/A2,3661,722,826
Fri Jun 26 202037,994137,6241,559,710N/AN/A2,3241,697,334
Thu Jun 25 202029,082131,9171,527,423N/AN/A2,2961,659,340
Wed Jun 24 202032,968125,9211,504,337N/AN/A2,2491,630,258
Tue Jun 23 202048,281120,3701,476,920N/AN/A2,2201,597,290
Mon Jun 22 202022,829114,8811,434,128N/AN/A2,1921,549,009
Sun Jun 21 202062,782111,6011,414,579N/AN/A2,1821,526,180
Sat Jun 20 202039,484107,7351,355,663N/AN/A2,1651,463,398
Fri Jun 19 202016,173103,3051,320,609N/AN/A2,1401,423,914
Thu Jun 18 202038,10399,8511,307,890N/AN/A2,1051,407,741
Wed Jun 17 202021,19696,3351,273,303N/AN/A2,0621,369,638
Tue Jun 16 202033,68193,2061,255,236N/AN/A2,0291,348,442
Mon Jun 15 202018,77889,1081,225,653N/AN/A1,9831,314,761
Sun Jun 14 202035,66487,8541,208,129N/AN/A1,9761,295,983
Sat Jun 13 202033,36286,0111,174,308N/AN/A1,9571,260,319
Fri Jun 12 202020,63783,6801,143,277N/AN/A1,9391,226,957
Thu Jun 11 202045,23381,5831,124,737N/AN/A1,9201,206,320
Wed Jun 10 202013,73279,7571,081,330N/AN/A1,8851,161,087
Tue Jun 9 202027,03977,2531,070,102N/AN/A1,8531,147,355
Mon Jun 8 202019,87075,6161,044,700N/AN/A1,8301,120,316
Sun Jun 7 20207,16974,9781,025,468N/AN/A1,8301,100,446
Sat Jun 6 202031,70173,5531,019,724N/AN/A1,8191,093,277
Fri Jun 5 202023,02171,613989,963N/AN/A1,7881,061,576
Thu Jun 4 202031,78769,920968,635N/AN/A1,7671,038,555
Wed Jun 3 202020,54468,271938,497N/AN/A1,7341,006,768
Tue Jun 2 202016,19366,568919,656N/AN/A1,698986,224
Mon Jun 1 202018,16664,880905,151N/AN/A1,678970,031
Sun May 31 202023,34864,287887,578N/AN/A1,672951,865
Sat May 30 202035,24262,338866,179N/AN/A1,626928,517
Fri May 29 202020,05761,006832,269N/AN/A1,626893,275
Thu May 28 202017,54459,776813,442N/AN/A1,601873,218
Wed May 27 202034,44157,921797,753N/AN/A1,562855,674
Tue May 26 202015,57956,560764,673N/AN/A1,536821,233
Mon May 25 202042,10955,971749,683N/AN/A1,527805,654
Sun May 24 202083955,348708,197N/AN/A1,506763,545
Sat May 23 202021,34454,509708,197N/AN/A1,506762,706
Fri May 22 20201,18153,449687,913N/AN/A1,480741,362
Thu May 21 202019,25352,268687,913N/AN/A1,440740,181
Wed May 20 202020,78251,323669,605N/AN/A1,419720,928
Tue May 19 202020,30149,912650,234N/AN/A1,369700,146
Mon May 18 202029,49048,693631,152N/AN/A1,347679,845
Sun May 17 202011,61647,784602,571N/AN/A1,336650,355
Sat May 16 202029,10946,999591,740N/AN/A1,305638,739
Fri May 15 202022,31745,198564,432N/AN/A1,272609,630
Thu May 14 202030,53743,851543,462N/AN/A1,216587,313
Wed May 13 202018,60442,403514,373N/AN/A1,158556,776
Tue May 12 202012,47541,048497,124N/AN/A1,133538,172
Mon May 11 202023,92139,869485,828N/AN/A1,100525,697
Sun May 10 202012,48238,869462,907N/AN/A1,088501,776
Sat May 9 202012,17637,860451,434N/AN/A1,049489,294
Fri May 8 202021,95636,609440,509N/AN/A1,004477,118
Thu May 7 202016,22435,390419,772N/AN/A973455,162
Wed May 6 202011,72834,422404,516N/AN/A948438,938
Tue May 5 202019,81233,369393,841N/AN/A906427,210
Mon May 4 202016,83832,332375,066N/AN/A884407,398
Sun May 3 20209,91231,548359,012N/AN/A867390,560
Sat May 2 202028,87330,522350,126N/AN/A847380,648
Fri May 1 202021,47529,229322,546N/AN/A816351,775
Thu Apr 30 202015,51028,087302,213N/AN/A782330,300
Wed Apr 29 202014,40627,054287,736N/AN/A732314,790
Tue Apr 28 20209,86726,171274,213N/AN/A690300,384
Mon Apr 27 202014,49625,297265,220N/AN/A663290,517
Sun Apr 26 202013,20524,631251,390N/AN/A648276,021
Sat Apr 25 202020,26923,773239,043N/AN/A623262,816
Fri Apr 24 202017,46922,806219,741N/AN/A593242,547
Thu Apr 23 20208,29521,944203,134N/AN/A561225,078
Wed Apr 22 202011,38421,069195,714N/AN/A543216,783
Tue Apr 21 202015,00520,196185,203N/AN/A517205,399
Mon Apr 20 20207,68419,458170,936N/AN/A495190,394
Sun Apr 19 20206,47118,923163,787N/AN/A477182,710
Sat Apr 18 20206,70318,260157,979N/AN/A453176,239
Fri Apr 17 202010,98917,371152,165N/AN/A428169,536
Thu Apr 16 20206,73716,455142,092N/AN/A393158,547
Wed Apr 15 20205,34315,492136,318N/AN/A364151,810
Tue Apr 14 202013,24114,624131,843N/AN/A318146,467
Mon Apr 13 20208,69313,906119,320N/AN/A287133,226
Sun Apr 12 20204,00013,484111,049N/AN/A271124,533
Sat Apr 11 20204,81512,561107,972N/AN/A254120,533
Fri Apr 10 20209,58411,671104,047N/AN/A226115,718
Thu Apr 9 20209,87610,23095,904N/AN/A199106,134
Wed Apr 8 20207,6099,35386,905N/AN/A17796,258
Tue Apr 7 20203,2928,26280,387N/AN/A15488,649
Mon Apr 6 202014,4197,27678,081N/AN/A14085,357
Sun Apr 5 20207,1876,81264,126N/AN/A12770,938
Sat Apr 4 20207,9876,11057,641N/AN/A10563,751
Fri Apr 3 20205,0855,33050,434N/AN/A9055,764
Thu Apr 2 20202,8224,66946,010N/AN/A7050,679
Wed Apr 1 20204,8653,99743,860N/AN/A5847,857
Tue Mar 31 20207,1123,26639,726N/AN/A4142,992
Mon Mar 30 202010,1202,87733,003N/AN/A3435,880
Sun Mar 29 20205002,55223,208N/AN/A3425,760
Sat Mar 28 20201,5942,05223,208N/AN/A2725,260
Fri Mar 27 20202,2421,73121,935N/AN/A2323,666
Thu Mar 26 20207,9301,39620,028N/AN/A1821,424
Wed Mar 25 20202,32797412,520N/AN/A1213,494
Tue Mar 24 20201,11241010,757N/AN/A911,167
Mon Mar 23 20201,2993529,703N/AN/A810,055
Sun Mar 22 20202,2343348,422N/AN/A58,756
Sat Mar 21 20201,2453046,218N/AN/A56,522
Fri Mar 20 20202,9221945,083N/AN/A55,277
Thu Mar 19 20204481432,212N/AN/A32,355
Wed Mar 18 2020639831,824N/AN/A21,907
Tue Mar 17 20201,211641,204N/AN/A11,268
Mon Mar 16 2020157N/AN/AN/AN/A57
Sun Mar 15 2020556N/AN/AN/AN/A56
Sat Mar 14 20201251N/AN/AN/AN/A51
Fri Mar 13 20201639N/AN/AN/AN/A39
Thu Mar 12 2020223N/AN/AN/AN/A23
Wed Mar 11 2020821N/AN/AN/AN/A21
Tue Mar 10 2020113N/AN/AN/AN/A13
Mon Mar 9 2020412N/AN/AN/AN/A12
Sun Mar 8 202008N/AN/AN/AN/A8
Sat Mar 7 202038N/AN/AN/AN/A8
Fri Mar 6 202045N/AN/AN/AN/A5
Thu Mar 5 202001N/AN/AN/AN/A1
Wed Mar 4 202001N/AN/AN/AN/A1