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How We Hope Vaccines Will Be Tracked

The federal government seems poised to provide high-quality data on vaccinations, but even a minimal dataset must answer key questions about who is getting vaccinated.

By Alexis Madrigal & Kara W. SchechtmanDecember 22, 2020

How We Source Our Data and Why It Matters

States provide COVID-19 data in a variety of sources and formats. To ensure our data is as accurate and consistent as possible, we spend a lot of time looking at these sources to make sure that we’re capturing the most data possible for each state, while maintaining high standards of data quality and integrity. Today, we’re publicly releasing a detailed set of notes on the sources of all our data points.

By Hannah HoffmanDecember 22, 2020

Our New Homepage Is Designed to Get You to the Data, Fast

Our redesigned homepage puts information you can use right at the top of the page, gets you into the data more quickly, and surfaces analysis that can help you better understand COVID-19 in the US.

By Kevin Miller & Hannah BirchDecember 21, 2020

A Vaccine Arrives as Deaths Rise and Southern California Cases Soar: This Week in COVID-19 Data, Dec 17

The news this week is extremely mixed: In the Midwest, cases and hospitalizations are falling. California reported a quarter of a million cases this week, and in Los Angeles County, one in 80 people has COVID-19. More than 50,000 Black Americans have died of COVID-19 as we near 300,000 total US COVID-19 deaths. The first doses of vaccine have arrived in hospitals and on their way to most US nursing homes, where cases continue to rise.

Vaccines Begin to Arrive as Cases and Deaths Keep Rising: This Week in Long-Term Care COVID-19 Data, Dec 16

Cases are up and known deaths in long-term-care facilities are the highest they’ve been since late May.

Test Types 101: The Pros and Cons of Different Approaches

Once limited to molecular tests, the United States now has other testing methods available. Their efficacy depends on multiple factors, including how far the person tested is in their infection and how high the test positivity is where they live.

By Júlia Ledur & Jessica Malaty RiveraDecember 16, 2020
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