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Behind The COVID Tracking Project’s Public Help Desk

Volunteers and staffers at The COVID Tracking Project replied to thousands of messages from the public last year. Here’s why we took the trouble, and here’s what people wanted to know.

Releasing Our State COVID-19 Data Log

From July 2020 to March 2021, The COVID Tracking Project compiled a detailed set of structured COVID-19 data notes, both on changes states made to the data and changes we made to the data we captured from states. Today, we’re releasing those notes.

How We Entered COVID-19 Testing and Outcomes Data Every Day for a Year

We set up a set of roles and a shift system to carefully gather and inspect the data we published.

By Hannah HoffmanApril 28, 2021

(The Perils of) Automatically Collecting COVID Data

Automating data collection published by the states was an adventure full of trickery and misfortune.

By Theo Michel & RebmaApril 22, 2021

Inside The COVID Tracking Project's Volunteer Organization

More than 800 volunteers performed thousands of hours of work to make our regular data operation possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Amanda French & Nicki CambergApril 22, 2021

Federal COVID-19 Testing Data Is Getting Better

The federal government improved its state and county-level COVID-19 PCR testing data since we analyzed it in February. Here’s an update on those changes and what we hope to see next for the data.

By Kara W. SchechtmanApril 21, 2021
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