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What We've Learned About the HHS’s Hospitalization Data

Despite a rocky beginning, the current hospitalization and new admissions metrics from the HHS Protect public dataset have stabilized—and they’re now largely harmonious with state-reported hospitalization metrics if we account for differences in data definitions and reporting lag time.

Hospitalizations Break 100,000, Holiday Data Stalls Out: This Week in COVID-19 Data, Dec 3

Three of our four topline COVID-19 metrics are still recovering from data interruptions over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Meanwhile, hospitalizations are soaring.

Long-Term Care Deaths Pass 100,000 as Outbreaks Surge: This Week in Long-Term Care COVID-19 Data, Dec 2

Despite messy reporting due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this week saw continued high numbers of cases and deaths in long-term care communities. But relief may be on the way, as a CDC committee recommended that long-term care residents and staff be first in line to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

As North Dakota’s Deaths Metrics Diverge, We’re Switching to a Less Backlogged Measure of Fatalities

North Dakota's growing backlog of death certificates means its count of individuals who died due to COVID is no longer an accurate measure of deaths in the state. As a result, we're switching our metric to deaths among cases, matching the state’s most prominent method of reporting.

By Kara W. Schechtman, Quang P. Nguyen, & Joseph BensimonDecember 1, 2020

Midwest Outbreaks Pause, Hospitalizations and Deaths Keep Rising: This Week in COVID-19 Data, Nov 25

US states reported 1.2 million cases, and on three of the past seven days, the number of reported deaths exceeded 2,000. Nearly 90,000 people are hospitalized with COVID-19. After weeks of sharp rises, cases are declining in the Midwest.

Nation Still Grappling with Long-Term Care Outbreaks as New Cases Double: This Week in Long-Term Care COVID-19 Data, Nov 24

Nearly 40 percent of new COVID-19 cases in long-term care facilities came from the Midwest, and just three facilities in Wyoming were home to half of that state’s new resident and staff cases, a dire reminder of how easily COVID-19 spreads within close-contact environments.

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